Press Release

UNLEASHING THE FEAR promo cover page (851x408)



Contact: Desiree Serrano
Cell: 203.919.6282

Desiree Serrano Shares Life Experiences and Personal Beliefs in New Book

Are you interested in “unlocking the secret to your own happiness and achieving success”?

Norwalk, Connecticut – March 29, 2013 – New Book/Ebook by Desiree Serrano that will aid some individuals to achieve success by knowing what fears you need to unleash or embrace.

This self-help book was released by Createspace and is available on Paperback or Kindle version through

Amazon currently and will be available soon on other Distribution Channels like:  Nook, IBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Google, etc.

Paperback version link  –

Kindle version link –

“Many people have their different way of thinking and I know that in some way it can be hard for some people to relate, but if you are able to show people the right path or provide the advice that they might be searching for and have not found, you could be that person’s guiding light for them to snap back into reality”.

“The most critical element is what I need to stress to many people is that they are not alone in what they experience.  Many of us have similar situations and just because it is not played out in the same pattern as another individual it still affects us the same way”.

“God has not prepared us for every event that we encounter in our lives, but our faith in him should make us know that he is along for the ride, he will listen to us in his own way when we are vulnerable, and even though he doesn’t always answer our prayers, you cannot show disbelief since sometimes timing may not be in sync”.

“For more information about Unleashing The Fear Within, please contact Desiree Serrano directly and she will kindly contact with you any inquiries that you may have”.



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