About the “Author” Desiree Serrano


Was born in Vienna, Austria on New Years Day…I am mix of Scottish, Dutch and a little Italian.

Grew up in Norwalk from 1972 – 1986 moved away and came back into the area in 1996. A lot has changed and I definitely want to make a difference in Norwalk by helping our community.

Always been a creative person and I shared my advice to others to help guide them through business and personal relationships. I feel that my writing flair will be an inspiration to some so that they be successful in whatever they put their mind to.

I first started giving advice/personal thoughts on facebook to my friends and family regarding their relationship or just everyday life issues so I feel that I can reach out to different people on different levels.

Been an administrative professional for the last 20 years so I definitely have the business savy and my writing flair definitely can appeal to different people. I have also have many different talents.

I have found recently that sometimes writing articles based on life experiences can help inspire other people and that can be very rewarding knowing that you helped a stranger improve their lifestyle based on your advice or article.

I am an editor of an online Newspaper called Fairfield County CT Inquirer and I am trying to make a difference in the community by providing inspirational/positive stories. I dare to be different and this is why I choose to show a unique newspaper online by providing positivity.


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